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From Ousent

Shenzhen Ousent Technologies Co., Ltd. Purchasing staff Wen

As a new purchasing worker, I was not familiar with products. Once, we needed to buy SC-LC adapters (male-to-female, helf metal). I failed to distinguish the colors that single mode and multimode adapters are respectively corresponded to and I didn't even know the differences between simplex and duplex adapters.

There were just simple descriptions about SC-LC adapters on the purchasing lists I received. I didn't have pictures of the products we needed. The purchase task was really urgent. When the clerk from ARK asked me about product details, I was literally speechlessness. Unexpectedly, the clerk explained everything to me on the Internet. When I was still confused about something, he called me directly to explain further. According to the procedures he taught me, I checked the product details with my superior and then confirmed the type and price of the products we needed at last.

I had no idea such a tiny adapter came in so many types and one name could correspond to different products and there were so many details. After finishing the purchase task, I left a message to the clerk on QQ. "You are so professional and patient. You didn't neglect us just because of our small batch quantity purchase. I had a great time during this cooperation. Loss of thousands of yuans has been avoided because of your work. Truly thank you."