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Optical Communication Products for Telefonica

At the beginning of 21 century, domestic market for optical communication products wasn't well organized. The principle market was still in developed regions from European and America. After making our fiber optic connectors for domestic market, we set about seeking international market for our products. Through continuous efforts and negotiations, our company worked smoothly with Mr. Jose A. Sanchis from Spain. Moreover, an office (GIKO Group) stationed in European was established to promote and sell our fiber optic components on the European market.

In 2004, our range of optical communication products have attracted Telefonica's attention and they showed great intension to buy. After communication about details, ARK provided every sample Telefonica required to conduct a test. As a result, we won a bid from Telefonica for the first time because of our cost efficient products. Even though the volume was not big enough, workers in the office stationed in European were encouraged significantly. The sales volume of Spain market in the same year reached one million yuans for the very first time and our fiber optic products was sold to Morocco as well.

In 2006, our sales volume in Spain exceeded three million yuans. In 2007, Telefonica started another round of selecting suppliers. Relying on our cost effective products and professional engineer team, we actively coordinated Telefonica with the testing and investigation. After about half year of hard working, our optical communication products including fiber optic adapters, fiber optic connectors and fiber optic patch cords were chosen. This success laid a solid foundation for further expanding market in Spain.

In 2008, winning a bid in Portugal made us start to exploit the market in the country. In 2010, our company got the backbone network project from Telmex. This project was of great significance. The amount of the supply contract reached one million dollars. To complete this project, we established production lines to produce PLC and ODF, thus diversifying our products in a considerable degree.