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1. If I want to buy ARK's products, how does the cooperation process go?
A: Our cooperation process goes as followed: product confirmation-delivery confirmation-signing a contract-payment in advance- delivering goods as requested-confirmation of goods receipt-follow-up service.

2. What is LC-LC female-female attenuator? Can ARK provide it?
A: LC-LC female-female is a flange attenuator, which is also called adapter attenuator. Both of its ends are LC type and female port. We can provide it. Besides, LC-LC male-female is a male-female attenuator.

3. Have the connector components from ARK been tested by ROHS?
A: Yes, they have been tested by ROHS and SGS as well. Our company has been working with foreign customers so that all these tests are necessary.

4. Can ARK's products meet the requirement that there is no scratch on the end face under a microscope at 400 times magnification?
A: Our products completely satisfy the demand. What we use for testing end face in patch cord workshops is an end face detector with 400 times magnification. Generally, our products come with an A grade end face. A grade end face means that the ferrule end face is within 125um and has no scratch and no black and white points. We have relevant operation instruction for more details.

5. What about your company's connector delivery time?
A: The delivery time is mainly determined by the type and number of products you buy. Generally, the delivery time is about 2 or 3 days for 3,000 LC or SC connectors. We have dedicated assembling workers so our delivery is very timely.

6. Can your components or adapters be printed with our own LOGO?
A: Yes. But customers shall pay the mould which is newly made for the LOGO. The purchase quantity is unlimited. When the purchase quantity reaches a certain amount (unfixed), we will return the mould fee to buyers step by step according to the type and unit price of the products they buy. Customers can communicate with our clerks about the specifics.

7. Is it okay to print "Corning" on the cable your company provides?
A: Yes. But we can only print "Coring Fiber Cable" not "Corning Cable" on our cables.