ARK Communication Co., Ltd.
Address: 6th Floor, 2nd Building, Hengchangrong High-tech Park, Shiyan Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China
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ARK Shenzhen Factory

To expand product lines and improve competitiveness, our company has spent millions of yuans in building Class 100,000 cleanroom in Hengchang Rong Technology Park in Shiyan Street, Bao'an District of Shenzhen exclusively for manufacturing of PLC splitter, fiber optic adapter, CWDM, fiber media converter, etc. In addition to these fiber optic products, the fiber optic patch cord is one of our basic products we have been produced for eight years. It is still being mass produced now.

ARK has already moved in to the new factory since May 3, 2013. Brand new office area has also been put into use to provide a comfortable working environment for the staff. Hence, they will feel motivated to make better products and create more profits. Besides, the new and better factory demonstrates our determination of making better optical communication products and providing greater service.

Dormitory Building Factory Building-It is on the sixth floor of the second building in the park. Company Gate
Reception Reception Passageway

Public Office Area-The brand new public office area in ARK of Shenzhen is open type and the office equipment is totally new. These all motivate ARK staff to pursuit bigger goals.

R&D Department Office-There are eight R&D engineers and six pre-sales and post-sales engineers in our company. They are all very professional and their average working age in fiber optic communications industry is more than five years. With their hard work, we are able to provide customers with better service and fiber optic components with greater reliability.

Dust-Free Workshops for Making Products Dust-Free Workshops for Making Products

Patch Cords Manufacturing Workshop-Four production lines in the workshop make daily output reach ten thousand. Customers can be reassured by the product quality because we have 8 years of experience in making fiber patch cords and our quality personnel inspect and supervise the production process closely.

Production Equipment-Tester-Tester of Insertion and Return Loss-The tester is indispensable in making fiber optic patch cables and other fiber optic assemblies. Every production line of patch cords in our company is equipped with two testers to make sure every fiber patch cord can be inspected.

PLC Splitter Debugging-Our company has more than twenty devices for beam focusing, which achieve high accuracy and great repeatability. The workers are very skilled. Therefore, monthly output of PLC splitter can be guaranteed.

Imported UV lamp is dedicated to solidify the UV adhesive after debugging of PLC splitter is completed.

Adjustable Light Source-The imported adjustable light source of our company is put in the dust-free workshop. With adjustable range from 980nm to 1,650nm, it mainly used for producing CWDM and testing PLC splitter to ensure the accuracy of the bandwidth.

Laser Welder-It was purchased in 2011 and it is specialized in producing accessories and repairs of active devices to fulfill some customers' demands.

Production Equipment-Interferometer-It is applied in producing fiber optic patch cords to check if the ferrule end face meets up with 3D standard, which is Telcordia-GR-326 standard about fiber height, apex offset and curvature radius.

Warehouse Transportation