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About Us

ARK was first established in 1998, during a time when optical communications was but a fledgling industry in mainland China. As an experienced fiber optic products manufacturer, we can provide a wide range of optical communication products, including the fiber optic connector, fiber patch cord, optical attenuator, fiber optic splitter, fiber media converter, optical distribution frame, wavelength division multiplexer, and much more. Our engineering team can design custom fiber optic products in accordance with client-side requirements. These specialized products are available with bilingual (English & Chinese) installation manuals. OEM and training services can be provided upon request.

Our company began as a school-run factory and is now widely recognized as a pioneer in the domestic fiber optic communications field. When the National Research Institute of Telecommunications completed the first trial fiber optic connector in domestic China, ARK became the designated manufacturer for its reception. Our double status as a learning institution and a production center provided the perfect accommodations for this important project. An experienced taskforce of technicians had worked around the clock to put the new technology into production. Months of dedication and countless trials allowed us to successfully implement the prototype technology into finished products. Extensive collaboration with research centers enabled us to yield the first ever domestically produced optical fiber connector. This achievement marked the beginning of a new era for the Chinese optical communications industry.

ARK has always been at the forefront of the competition in terms of development potential and manufacturing capacity. We have established a production base in Jiangxi for the focused production of fiber optic connectors and adaptors. In 2005, we erected a production facility for optical attenuators and fiber optic patch cords in the Chinese capital for optical communications—Shenzhen city. Its establishment was complimented with the addition of an independently operated sales center and R&D institute.

Since conception, ARK has diligently upheld a code for sincere and trustworthy conduct. We have successfully passed the ISO9001 certification. Advanced manufacturing techniques and premium raw materials ensure the outstanding quality of our competitively priced fiber optic products. All of our optical communication products have been approved by standards such as RoHS and SGS. As the first Chinese manufacturer of fiber optic connectors, we strive to maintain a reputation of excellence with the implementation of strict quality control protocols.

Mutually beneficial arrangements with our partners and affiliates encourage unified growth and expansion. The outstanding cost-performance of our fiber optic assemblies has quickly gained the favor of oversea clientele. Quality consistency, low rejection rates, and competitive pricing are major contributing factors that clearly define us as a top choice for long-term cooperation. Together, we can reach new heights of success!

ARK workshop
Our company is the designated fiber optic components supplier for leaders in the domestic optical communication industry. Our major clients include well-known companies such as Shenzhen HUAWEI Technologies, Wuhan ACCELING Technologies, Shenzhen SUNSEA Telecommunications, Optec Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., and the Luoyang Aviation Electrical Factory. We are the only supplier of SC optical connector for the Ericsson European market. ARK is also the preferred supplier for the Chinese branch of Telefonica.

We have redoubled our product-development efforts to accommodate fluctuating market demands. Successive investments in 2012 and 2013 enabled our Shenzhen facility to produce new products such as PLC splitter, CWMD, and optical transceivers. This venture marks the pivotal start of our transition into FTTx architecture.

ARK seeks to cooperate with prospective partners in the creation of a brand new chapter in the fiber optic communications industry!