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    1. Single Mode FBT SplitterSingle mode FBT splitter from our company has wide bandwidth, suitable for incoming signals with wavelengths ranging from 1,260nm to 1,650nm. This range of fiber optic splitter has a small physical size, available in different packages.
    1. Multimode FBT SplitterOur multimode FBT splitter is designed for minimal insertion loss. Tiny physical size allows it to be housed in a small package. This fiber optic splitter can be customized to suit different applications. It is available in 1×2, 2×2, 1×3, and 1×4 types.
    1. PLC SplitterOur PLC splitter has a wide bandwidth, suitable for signals with wavelengths ranging from 1,260nm to 1,650nm. Its output channel exhibits good uniformity. Available in different packages, this small-sized optical fiber splitter can be tailored to customer specific requirements.
    1. CWDMBenefits of using the coarse wavelength division multiplexer include low cost, low consumption, a small physical size and flexible mounting. All the CWDM devices from our company have been through temperature cycle test and drop test that lasts for 24 hours.
    1. 3 Channel WDMThe three wavelengths can be tailored per customer request. All the 3 channel WDM devices from our company have been through temperature cycle test and drop test that each lasts 24 hours. Hence, the fiber optic multiplexer can have high reliability and stability.
    1. SC/LC/FC/ST/MU/D4/DIN Fiber Optic ConnectorHeaded for commercialization of optical fiber technology, we have made the first SC fiber optic connector in China. Later, LC and FC optical connectors were created to meet the increasing market demands. Products from our company are built to IEC standard and industrial standard GR-326.
    1. MT-RJ/MPO Fiber Optic Connector Environment reliability of MPO type conforms to Telcordia GR-1435-CORE, IEC/EN 61754-7 and TIA-568-B.1-7 standards. Thanks to its compacting structure, the fiber optic connector has many ferrules and features a small volume.
    1. SMA Fiber Optic ConnectorThis fiber optic component usually comes with two types of ferrule, which are ceramic and metal. Metal ferrules are typically utilized in SMA905 and SMA906 fiber optic connectors.
    1. SC Fast ConnectorThis range of field installable connector features easy, quick and stable installation. The assembly tools are simple and it is convenient to carry them around. There is no need of battery for installing, which has high operability.
    1. LC Fast ConnectorAs compared with conventional fiber optic connectors, the LC fast connector has advantages that it is field terminated, and can be installed quickly. With a requirement of only simple and portable assembly tools, the field installable connector can be installed with high efficiency and operability.
    1. SC/LC/FC/ST/MU/D4/DIN Fiber Optic Patch CordOur company has established a production base of fiber optic patch cords in 2005. Therefore, besides various connectors and corresponding adapters, we can make fiber jumpers as requested based on different cables.
    1. MT-RJ/MPO Fiber Optic Patch CordOur MT-RJ fiber optic patch cord has two subtypes which are duplex 2.0mm and simplex 3.0mm fiber optic jumpers. Transfer type MPO comes in many types such as bunchy and ribbon type. It can be split into 2 to 24 cores 0.9mm or 2mm fiber branch though a splitter (round or square).
    1. SMA Fiber Optic Patch CordBased on what customers need, we can make transfer type and non transfer type fiber optic patch cords. Our company excels in manufacturing technique and quality control management of SMA fiber optic patch cables so that we are able to satisfy customers’ different demands.
    1. Armored Fiber Optic Patch CordBecause of the armored fiber cable, the fiber patch cord is enabled to be utilized in many harsh conditions and can effectively prevent damage caused by rats biting, humidity, crushing and stretching.
    1. Waterproof Fiber PigtailOur range of waterproof fiber pigtail is made up with high quality fiber cable connector, high quality waterproof fiber optic cable and qualified waterproof copper joint assembly. It features high environmental suitability, easy installation, a long lifetime, high tensile strength and sound grounding.
    1. Mode Conditioning Patch CableOur mode conditioning patch cord is mainly designed to transform the single mode fiber (SM: 9/125um) to multimode fiber (MM: 50/125um or 62.5/125um). To meet individual demands, we can fix our mode conditioning patch cables with different styles of fiber optic connectors including FC, SC, ST, LC, MU and SMA.
    1. Loopback Adapter We provide different kinds of fiber optic loopback connectors. The connector used come in different types such as SC, LC, MU, MT-RJ. The loopback adapter comes with bare fiber or 0.9mm cable and 2.0mm cable.
    1. SC/LC/FC/ST/MU/D4/DIN Fiber Optic AdapterFiber optic adapter is mainly used for connection and fixing of optical fiber connectors. With precise ceramic sleeve, this range of fiber optic components could ensure perfect alignment between ferrules of the two connectors combined.
    1. Hybrid Fiber Optic Adapter The hybrid fiber adapter is a special style of fiber optic adapter that supports precision connection of different types of fiber optic connectors. The precise ceramic sleeve inside of the optic adapter achieves perfect alignment between the ferrules of these two different connectors, thus decreasing loss during signal transmission.
    1. MT-RJ/MPO Fiber Optic AdapterUnlike SC fiber adapters which use ceramic sleeve for precision alignment, MT-RJ fiber optic adapter and MPO fiber optic adapter make use of the pin and pin hole, which come with diameter of 0.7mm and are located on the end surface of connector ferrules, to ensure precision mating between fiber optic connectors.
    1. SMA Fiber Adapter This style of fiber optic adapter typically comes with two structures. One utilizes a copper sleeve to ensure precise alignment of ferrules within fiber optic connectors. The other comes without a sleeve and directly connects the fiber connector with the hole in it.
    1. Bare Fiber AdapterAfter connecting optical fiber to the fiber optic adapter, the insertion loss testing of the other end or the whole fiber can be completed. The most remarkable feature of bare fiber adapter is reusability.
    1. Plug-in Type Fixed AttenuatorThis range of fixed attenuator is mainly used to reduce optical power to target value in optical links. It comes in different types including SC, LC, FC, ST and MU. Based on the shape of ferrule shape, the fixed optical attenuator can also be classified as PC and APC with 8 degrees type.
    1. Adapter Type Fixed Attenuator It achieves attenuation of optical signal by setting up an attenuation film inside a fiber optic adapter to ensure incomplete touch with fiber connectors. Due to this principle, the fixed attenuator is a great fiber optic attenuation solution for fiber optic patch cords in an optical link.
    1. Variable Attenuator The variable attenuator is a kind of fiber optic attenuator that supports continuous adjustment of attenuation value between 0.6dB and 60dB. It employs the principle of light shading between the two collimators to control the attenuation value by a knob that can be manually rotated.
  • MPO Fiber Optic CassetteAlso known as splice cassette or splice tray, this fiber optic cassette is a 19-inch MPO cassette and is specially designed for installing in a distributing frame. It is mainly used in high speed optical network with speed more than 10 Gbit/s and for centralized storage and management of MPO patch cords and corresponding number of adapters.
    1. Pull-out Type Optical Distribution Frame Integrating functions such as fiber splicing, management and connection, the fiber optic distribution frame supports management of both bunchy and ribbon fibers. With larger space, our pull-out style optical distribution frame is great for connecting and management of fiber optic pigtails, cables and adapters.
    1. Fixed Type Optical Distribution FrameThe fiber optic splice box made of cold rolled sheet undergoes electrostatic spraying, which ensures superior surface quality and longer service life.
    1. Rack-mounted Type Optical Distribution FrameThe fiber optic distributor is designed to accommodate a great variety of fiber optic adapters, including FC, SC, LC, or ST type.
      It features easy fiber cable management because of its drawer type work area.
    1. 100M Card Type Fiber Media ConverterThe 100M card type fiber media converter is a Fast Ethernet converter used for data transmission between 100Base-TX twisted pair and 100Base-FX fiber optic cabling. It can be directly inserted into the housing for a desktop fiber converter or inserted into the rack for16-slot fiber media converters.
    1. 100M Single Fiber Media ConverterOur single fiber media converter is completely in conformity with 10Base-T, 100Base-TX, 100Base-FX and IEEE 802.3x standards. The product achieves automatic switch-over between half and full duplex working modes.
    1. 100M Dual Fiber Media ConverterOften seen in optical network systems, our dual fiber media converter is totally compliant with 10Base-T, 100Base-TX, 100Base-FX and IEEE 802.3x standards. This optical converter is able to change freely from the full duplex working mode to half mode. It also has large bandwidth, high speed, and self-adaptive features.
    1. 1000M Card Type Fiber Media ConverterSupporting hot swapping, the fiber media converter has advantages such as high bandwidth, high speed and self-adaptive feature. This range of fiber optic converter is suitable for places in need of expanding the transmission distance of Ethernet data communication.
    1. 1000M Single Fiber Media Converter The single fiber media converter achieves automatic negotiation for half and full duplex working modes. It features high bandwidth, high speed and self adaption and it is widely applied in optical network systems.
    1. 1000M Dual Fiber Media ConverterThis series of fiber optic media converter is compliant with IEEE 802.3 10 Base-T, IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX, IEEE 802.2ab 1000Base-TX and IEEE 802.3z 1000Base-FX standards
      Auto negotiation for half/full duplex working modes
    1. Single Fiber Fusion SplicerThe single fiber fusion splicer adopts an embedded operating system and a user friendly interface and it owns more functions. Due to the built-in, high-performance lithium battery with a super large capacity, the fiber fusion splicer can keep working in the open air for a long time.
    1. Fusion Splicer for Drop CableWith real-time compensation systems for temperature, humidity and air pressure, the optical fiber fusion splicer is able to adapt to environment changes at any time and achieve precise fiber splicing with low loss even in harsh conditions.
  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometer The handheld OTDR is produced by the world most advanced splash proof molding technology of integration of double color and double material. It is sturdy and durable.
    Advanced anti-reflective LCD ensures clear display of operation interface even in the open air.