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    1. Pull-out Type Optical Distribution Frame Integrating functions such as fiber splicing, management and connection, the fiber optic distribution frame supports management of both bunchy and ribbon fibers. With larger space, our pull-out style optical distribution frame is great for connecting and management of fiber optic pigtails, cables and adapters.
    1. Fixed Type Optical Distribution FrameThe fiber optic splice box made of cold rolled sheet undergoes electrostatic spraying, which ensures superior surface quality and longer service life.
    1. Rack-mounted Type Optical Distribution FrameThe fiber optic distributor is designed to accommodate a great variety of fiber optic adapters, including FC, SC, LC, or ST type.
      It features easy fiber cable management because of its drawer type work area.

Optical Distribution Frame

The optical distribution frame, also known as fiber splice box, is suitable for wiring and connection between cables and optical communication equipment. Through the adapters inside of the fiber distribution frame, optical signal is drawn forth by patch cords, thus achieving optical distribution. The optical distribution frame is also used for protective connection between cables and pigtails and it can be applied to terminate cables, which are connected to networks.

Optical distribution frame integrates fiber splicing, storage and cable connection together in a single unit. The product can manage both bunchy cables and ribbon cables. Relatively large work space of our range of fiber optic distribution frame allows for connecting and management of pigtails, cables and adapters.

The 19'' standard optical fiber distribution frame is made of cold-rolled sheet and it comes with a metal front door. It can be installed on the existing wiring rack. The cabinet color, port number of adapter, and product type can be customized.

Our optical distribution frame is divided into three types which are pull-out optical distributor, rack-mounted type and fixed type.