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Rack-mounted Type Optical Distribution Frame

ODF-R72 ODF-R72 ODF-R96 ODF-R144

Rack-mounted type optical distribution frame is suitable for wiring and connection between cables and optical communication equipment. It combines fiber splicing, storage and cable connections together. Relatively large work space ensures connecting and management of pigtails, adapters and cables, which can be bunchy or ribbon type. The 19" standard distribution frame is made of cold-rolled sheet and it comes with a metal front door. It can be used with the existing wiring rack together.

1. The rack-mounted optical distribution frame has its housing made of cold-rolled sheet and processed by electrostatic spraying.
2. It includes an ABS fiber optic cassette, each of which comes with 12 ports.
3. The fiber optic distributor is designed to accommodate a great variety of fiber optic adapters, including FC, SC, LC, or ST type.
4. It features easy fiber cable management because of its drawer type work area.
5. This optical distribution frame is available with 19 inch standard size.
6. Four cable entries are at the back of the cabinet.
7. This optical fiber distribution frame is applicable for single core, ribbon and bunchy cables.
8. Reasonable structure design ensures orderly management of cables.
9. Rack-mounted design suitable for indoor applications
10. Available with a metal front door
11. The fiber splice box is available with optional housing colors including white, black, grey, etc.
12. The core number of this optical distribution frame can be customized and it can be 12, 24, 48 or 96.

The rack mounted optical distribution frame is a great solution for wiring and connection between fiber cables and optic fiber communication equipment. To illustrate, it supports connection and management of fiber optic cables, adapters and pigtails. Fiber distribution frames are widely used in the following fields:
1. Introducing and fixing cables in wiring room and equipment room
2. Splicing and protection of optical fibers
3. Storage, connection and management of patch cords and pigtails
4. Telecommunications and CATV
5. FTTH, LANs and WANs

Specifications of the Optical Distribution Frame
Parameter Specifications
Standard Working Wavelength 850nm, 1,310nm, 1,550nm
Durability >1,000 mating
Atmospheric Pressure 70~106Kpa
Relative Humidity ≤85%(+30℃)
Operating Temperature -5℃~+40℃
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