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CWDM, Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexer

CWDM, the abbreviation of coarse wavelength division multiplexer, is a kind of fiber optic device commonly used for Metropolitan Area Network system. As the signal transmission distance is typically less than 100km, a MAN system has a very low requirement on transmission attenuation. Thus an optical amplifier is not needed in this system where CWDM is used.

At its most basic, the CWDM is an optical multiplexer that combines multiple signals on laser beams at various wavelengths for transmission along a single optical line. This multiplexing unit allows lights, with wavelengths from 1,270 nm to 1,610 nm, to travel through 18 channels spaced 20nm apart.

Benefits of using the coarse wavelength division multiplexer include low cost, low consumption, a small physical size and flexible mounting. All the CWDM devices from our company have been through temperature cycle test and drop test that lasts for 24 hours. Hence, we can assure customers of high reliability and stability of this range of fiber optic components.

Further Benefits of CWDM
1. Wide passband
2. Low insertion loss
3. High channel isolation
4. High stability and reliability
5. Epoxy-free optical path

CWDM Applications
1. Optical fiber communication systems
2. Optical devices
3. Optical amplifiers
4. Fiber lasers
5. Wavelength division multiplexing systems
6. System monitors

Specifications of Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexers
Parameter Specifications Unit
Output Port Wavelength Customized: 1,270~1,610 nm
Transmission Channel Wavelength Customized: 1,270~1,610 nm
Reflection Channel Wavelength Customized: 1,270~1,610 nm
Insertion Loss Transmission Channel <0.60 dB
Reflection channel <0.60 dB
Insertion Loss Thermal Stability Transmission Channel ≤0.30 dB
Reflection Channel ≤0.30 dB
Isolation Transmission Channel ≥40 dB
Reflection channel ≥20 dB
Return Loss >50 dB
Temperature Sensitivity <0.005 dB/ ℃
Polarization Dependent Loss <0.10 dB
Polarization Mode Dispersion <0.10 Ps/Km
Directionality ≥50 dB
Power Handling 300 mW
Working Temperature -20~+70 °C
Storage Temperature -40~+85 °C
Fiber Type SMF-28e, bare fiber or 0.9mm loose tube
Package Dimensions ¢5.5XL32 mental tube packaged or ABS black box packaged mm

Note: All parameters above are for CWDMs without connectors. Other wavelength configurations can be designed according to customer specific requirements.

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