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Multimode FBT Splitter

Package Type Two: 2mm Loose Tube
Package Type Two: 2mm Loose Tube

The past 20 years has witnessed the growth of FBT technology to maturity. As of today, the multimode FBT splitter is much cheaper to make than it was before.

Essentially, a FBT splitter is a passive optical splitter that splits the incoming optical signal at a different split ratio. It has found wide use in FTTx, WANs, LANs, CATV and active optical devices.

Our multimode FBT splitter is designed for minimal insertion loss. Tiny physical size allows it to be housed in a small package. This fiber optic splitter can be customized to suit different applications. It is available in 1×2, 2×2, 1×3, and 1×4 types.

1. Our range of multimode FBT splitters are highly interchangeable with similar fiber optic beam splitters that are built to Telcordia GR-1209-CORE and Telcordia GR-1221-CORE standards.
2. Low insertion loss
3. High reliability
4. Compliant with IEC and RoHS standards

Multimode FBT Splitter Applications
2. Active devices
3. Optical fiber communication system
4. LANs, WANs
5. Telecommunication network
7. FTTx

Specifications of the Multimode FBT Splitter (with a split ratio at 50/50)
Parameter Specifications Unit
Optional Center Wavelength 630, 850, 980, 1060, 1300 /
Split Ratio Type Equally Splitted
Port Type 1X2, 2X2 1X3 1X4 1X8 1X16 nm
Insertion Loss(50/125um) ≤4.9 ≤6.7 ≤7.8 ≤11.5 ≤15.0 dB
Insertion Loss (62.5/125um) ≤4.6 ≤6.4 ≤7.5 ≤11.0 dB
Additional Loss ≤0.15 dB
Polarization Dependent Loss ≤0.20 dB
Directivity ≥40 dB
Operating Temperature -40~+85
Storage Temperature -40~+85
Bare Fiber Package Dimension ∮3X60 ∮3X60 ∮3X60 ∮3X60 ∮5X60 mm
0.9mm Loose Tube Package Dimension ∮3X60 100*12*8 100*12*8 100*12*8 135*100*10 mm
2.0 Or 3.0mm Loose Tube Package Dimension 100*12*8 95*75*6 95*75*6 130*100*6 130*100*8.5 mm
Multimode (1X2) Splitter
Split Ratio Insertion Loss (dB) 50/125um Insertion Loss (dB) 62.5/125um Unit
40/60 6.5/4.5 5.8/3.6 dB
30/70 8.0/3.9 7.0/2.9 dB
20/80 9.8/3.2 9.0/2.4 dB
10/90 13.5/2.7 12.5/1.9 dB
5/95 17.0/2.4 16.5/1.5 dB
1/99 22.1/1.4 22.0/1.1 dB

Note: All parameters above are for FBT splitters without connectors.

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