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    1. Plug-in Type Fixed AttenuatorThis range of fixed attenuator is mainly used to reduce optical power to target value in optical links. It comes in different types including SC, LC, FC, ST and MU. Based on the shape of ferrule shape, the fixed optical attenuator can also be classified as PC and APC with 8 degrees type.
    1. Adapter Type Fixed Attenuator It achieves attenuation of optical signal by setting up an attenuation film inside a fiber optic adapter to ensure incomplete touch with fiber connectors. Due to this principle, the fixed attenuator is a great fiber optic attenuation solution for fiber optic patch cords in an optical link.
    1. Variable Attenuator The variable attenuator is a kind of fiber optic attenuator that supports continuous adjustment of attenuation value between 0.6dB and 60dB. It employs the principle of light shading between the two collimators to control the attenuation value by a knob that can be manually rotated.

Optical Attenuator

With the development of fiber optics communication industry, optical attenuator has emerged as a very important optical passive device. It can reduce the power level of an optical signal as required.

There are many kinds of optical attenuators, which comprise different elements. Some fiber optic attenuators are made up with attenuation fiber. Some come with an optical attenuation film or collimator. Moreover, some kinds of optical attenuator are made based on fiber bending loss principle.

The attenuation unit also can be classified into the fixed attenuator and the variable attenuator. It is commonly used in fiber optic communications for absorbing or reflecting, system assessment and various testing laboratories.