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Variable Attenuator

The variable attenuator is a kind of fiber optic attenuator that supports continuous adjustment of attenuation value between 0.6dB and 60dB. It employs the principle of light shading between the two collimators to control the attenuation value by a knob that can be manually rotated. This range of variable optical attenuator offers adjustment accuracy up to 0.1dB.

Advantages of Variable Attenuator
1. Small size and low insertion loss
2. Wide adjustable range of attenuation values
3. High accuracy and stable attenuation
4. The length of pigtail can be customized.
5. Custom made fiber attenuators are available.

Applications of Variable Attenuator
1. Optical fiber communications labs
2. Testing of active optical devices
3. Testing system of passive optical devices
4. Optical fiber communication system
5. Optical networks

Specifications of Variable Attenuator
Parameter Wavelength Type 1 Wavelength Type 2 Wavelength Type 3 Wavelength Type 4 Unit
1,310 1,550 1,310&1,550 1,260~1,650 nm
Bandwidth ±40 ±40 ±40 / nm
Attenuation Adjustable Range 0.6~60 0.6~60 0.8~60 0.8~60 dB
Original Additional Loss <0.6 <0.6 <0.8 <0.8 dB
Return Loss >50 dB
Fiber Type SM28, 9/125um um
Adjustment Accuracy 0.02 dB
Polarization Dependent Loss ≤0.10 dB
Operating Temperature 0~ +70
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +85
Pigtail Length Customized(generally≤3meter) m
Connector Type Customized /
Package Dimension (L*W*H) 18*8*26 mm
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