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Plug-in Type Fixed Attenuator

The plug-in type fixed attenuator is connected to a fiber optic connector at one end and a fiber optic adapter at the other end. Its attenuation is fixed, unadjustable.

This range of fixed attenuator is mainly used to reduce optical power to target value in optical links. It comes in different types including SC, LC, FC, ST and MU. Based on the shape of ferrule shape, the fixed optical attenuator can also be classified as PC and APC with 8 degrees type. The attenuation value is in range of 0 to 30dB, which are all applicable for optical signal with wavelength ranging from 1,250nm to 1,600nm.

Our company has already established workshops to produce plug-in type fixed attenuators when we built the production base of fiber optic patch cords in 2005. We always provide fiber optic products with high quality and a competitive price to our clients at home and abroad. Customer requirements in terms of test indexes and end face controlling can be completely satisfied because we possess perfect fixed attenuator manufacturing technique.

Advantages of Plug-in Type Fixed Attenuator
1. This fiber optic attenuator shows consistent, high performance in a series of tests. It is interchangeable with other similar fiber attenuators that are built to the same standards.
2. Accurate attenuation
3. High reliability
4. Compliant with the IEC and RoHS standards
5. Conforming to Telcordia-GR-910-CORE

Applications of Plug-in Type Fixed Attenuator
1. Testing instruments
2. Connection between devices
3. Connection between fiber optic patch cords
5. FTTx

Specifications of Plug-in Type Fixed Attenuator
Parameter Specifications
Single Mode Attenuator Multimode Attenuator
Testing Wavelength 1,310nm, 1,550nm 1,300nm, 850nm
Return Loss UPC ≥5 0.0dB, APC ≥ 60.0dB ≥ 35.0dB
Operating Bandwidth Range 1,250~1,650nm
Attenuation Range 0~30dB
Attenuation Tolerance 0~5dB, ±0.5dB
5~30dB, ±10%
Repeatability ≤0.10dB
Exchangeability ≤0.20dB
Durability 1,000 Mating, loss≤0.20dB
Power Handling ≤200mW
Operating Temperature -2 0 ℃ to + 70 ℃
Storage Temperature -40 ℃ to + 85 ℃

Plug-in Type Fixed Attenuator

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