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    1. SC/LC/FC/ST/MU/D4/DIN Fiber Optic AdapterFiber optic adapter is mainly used for connection and fixing of optical fiber connectors. With precise ceramic sleeve, this range of fiber optic components could ensure perfect alignment between ferrules of the two connectors combined.
    1. Hybrid Fiber Optic Adapter The hybrid fiber adapter is a special style of fiber optic adapter that supports precision connection of different types of fiber optic connectors. The precise ceramic sleeve inside of the optic adapter achieves perfect alignment between the ferrules of these two different connectors, thus decreasing loss during signal transmission.
    1. MT-RJ/MPO Fiber Optic AdapterUnlike SC fiber adapters which use ceramic sleeve for precision alignment, MT-RJ fiber optic adapter and MPO fiber optic adapter make use of the pin and pin hole, which come with diameter of 0.7mm and are located on the end surface of connector ferrules, to ensure precision mating between fiber optic connectors.
    1. SMA Fiber Adapter This style of fiber optic adapter typically comes with two structures. One utilizes a copper sleeve to ensure precise alignment of ferrules within fiber optic connectors. The other comes without a sleeve and directly connects the fiber connector with the hole in it.
    1. Bare Fiber AdapterAfter connecting optical fiber to the fiber optic adapter, the insertion loss testing of the other end or the whole fiber can be completed. The most remarkable feature of bare fiber adapter is reusability.

SM/MM Fiber Optic Adapter

As a kind of commonly seen fiber optic assembly, the fiber optic adapter or fiber optic coupler is available in single mode and multimode versions. It is mainly used for connection and fixing of optical fiber connectors. The two connectors are precisely aligned and locked up by the alignment structure of the optical fiber adapter, thus ensuring low insertion loss.

The fiber optic adapter has two different internal structures for alignment. One is to utilize precise ceramic or copper sleeve to complete alignment. Most of fiber optic cable adapters, including SC, LC, FC, ST, D4, and DIN types, make use of the structure. The other one is to achieve accurate alignment by using PIN and PIN hole. This structure is mainly used in MT series fiber optic adapters such as MT-RJ, MPO and MPO type.

According to the types of the two connectors combined, the fiber optic adapter can be divided into three categories: the non transfer-type like SC-SC and LC-LC; the transfer-type including SC-LC and SC-FC; and the female-male fiber adapters such as SC (female)-FC (male).

Fiber optic adapters can be often seen in FTTx, MANs, WANs, CATV, etc. In the computer rooms of buildings or residential areas, thousands of patch cords are connected and communicate with each other. Fiber adapter is indispensable in connection of patch cords. It is also used to connect devices together and for the production tests of other passive devices.