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Bare Fiber Adapter

The bare fiber adapter is a special style of fiber optic coupler that is mainly used for testing insertion loss of fiber pigtails and other fiber optic devices. It is one of the indispensable components in fiber optic testing applications. After connecting optical fiber to the fiber optic adapter, the insertion loss testing of the other end or the whole fiber can be completed. The most remarkable feature of bare fiber adapter is reusability. Other than that, the product is also characterized by quick and easy assembly, small size, durability and long lifetime. Our company provides three types of optical adapters, including SC, FC, and LC, which all can be used more than 1000 times.

Advantages of Bare Fiber Adapter
1. Consistent good quality proven by repeated tests
2. Epoxy free
3. Easy operation and installation
4. Reusable
5. Compliant with RoHS standards
6. Optional types of bare fiber adapter are available.

Applications of Bare Fiber Adapters
1. Testing instruments
2. Testing optical fiber links
3. Temporary test

Specifications of Bare Fiber Adapter
Parameter Specifications
Insertion Loss Typical≤1.0dB
Repeatability ≤0.10dB
Type SC, FC, LC
Ferrule Diameter ф125.5um~ф126.5um
Durability >1,000 times
Operating Temperature -20℃ to +70℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ to +85℃
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