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    1. SC/LC/FC/ST/MU/D4/DIN Fiber Optic Patch CordOur company has established a production base of fiber optic patch cords in 2005. Therefore, besides various connectors and corresponding adapters, we can make fiber jumpers as requested based on different cables.
    1. MT-RJ/MPO Fiber Optic Patch CordOur MT-RJ fiber optic patch cord has two subtypes which are duplex 2.0mm and simplex 3.0mm fiber optic jumpers. Transfer type MPO comes in many types such as bunchy and ribbon type. It can be split into 2 to 24 cores 0.9mm or 2mm fiber branch though a splitter (round or square).
    1. SMA Fiber Optic Patch CordBased on what customers need, we can make transfer type and non transfer type fiber optic patch cords. Our company excels in manufacturing technique and quality control management of SMA fiber optic patch cables so that we are able to satisfy customers’ different demands.
    1. Armored Fiber Optic Patch CordBecause of the armored fiber cable, the fiber patch cord is enabled to be utilized in many harsh conditions and can effectively prevent damage caused by rats biting, humidity, crushing and stretching.
    1. Mode Conditioning Patch CableOur mode conditioning patch cord is mainly designed to transform the single mode fiber (SM: 9/125um) to multimode fiber (MM: 50/125um or 62.5/125um). To meet individual demands, we can fix our mode conditioning patch cables with different styles of fiber optic connectors including FC, SC, ST, LC, MU and SMA.

SM/MM/Simplex/Duplex Fiber Optic Patch Cord

Optical fiber and fiber optic connectors are the most important components of a fiber optic patch cord. Due to the fiber connectors at both ends, the fiber patch cord is a quick and convenient solution to connect different fiber optic equipment. The product is considered as one of the most consumable and basic fiber optic components in optical fiber communication systems.

Made up with different connectors and various types of cables, our fiber optic patch cord can be divided into many types. According to the fiber utilized, it is divided into single mode and multi-mode fiber optic patch cables. According to the fiber core number, it falls into simplex and duplex optical patch cords. Based on the material of the cable jacket used to protect the fiber inside, the fiber optic patch cord is classified into indoor, outdoor, and armored series. The connectors involved come in dozens of types including SC, LC, FC and ST. Different fiber jumpers can be customized according to customer specific requirements.

The fiber optic patch cord is widely applied in optical communication networks such as FTTx, MAN, WAN and CATV. Communication between thousands of cables is being conducted in the commercial buildings and residential communities. It is also indispensable for connection of devices and production test of passive optical devices.