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Waterproof Fiber Pigtail

Waterproof fiber pigtail is a fiber optic component that has a durable and waterproof fiber optic connector installed on one end and a length of exposed fiber at the other end. Fiber optic pigtails are used to connect the major optical cable lines and the optical receivers in optical fiber communication systems.

Our range of waterproof fiber pigtail is made up with high quality fiber cable connector, high quality waterproof fiber optic cable and qualified waterproof copper joint assembly. It features high environmental suitability, easy installation, a long lifetime, high tensile strength and sound grounding. Due to great water resistance, the fiber pigtail can also work normally even in many harsh conditions.

According to client demands, our waterproof fiber pigtail can be equipped with different connectors such as FC, SC, ST, LC, MU and SMA according to customers' specific requirements.

Waterproof Fiber Connector Dimensional Drawing

Features of the Waterproof Fiber Pigtail
1. Low insertion loss and high return loss
2. Excellent interchangeability and durability
3. Custom made optical pigtails are available
4. Waterproof performance and epoxy free waterproof connector
5. Automatic locking device in waterproof connector
6. Compliant with Telcordia GR-326-CORE standard

Applications of the Waterproof Fiber Pigtail
1. Optical fiber communication system
2. Telecommunication network
3. CATV, LANs and WANs
4. Connection of equipment in the open air
5. Installation and debugging in harsh conditions
6. FTTx

Specifications of the Waterproof Fiber Pigtail
Parameter Specifications
Single mode Fiber Pigtail Multimode Fiber Pigtail
Testing Wavelength 1,310nm, 1,550nm 850nm, 1,300nm
Insertion Loss Typical≤0.20dB, max.≤0.30dB Typical≤0.15dB, max.≤0.25dB
Return Loss UPC≥50.0dB,APC≥60.0dB ≥35.0dB
Repeatability ≤0.10dB
Exchangeability ≤0.20dB
Durability 1,000 Mating, typical≤0.20dB
Operating Temperature -20℃ to +70℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ to +85℃
Ordering Information
Fiber Type Cable Type Connector type Tail Sleeve Diameter Tail Sleeve color Ferrule End Face Cord Length
Single Mode: 9/125μm Duplex SC 0.9mm Customized UPC Customized
Multimode: 50/125μm Four-core FC 2.0mm
Multimode: 62.5/125μm Six-core ST 2.4mm

Multimode: OM3/150
LC 3.0mm

Multimode: OM3/300

Multimode: OM3/550

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