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    1. SC Fast ConnectorThis range of field installable connector features easy, quick and stable installation. The assembly tools are simple and it is convenient to carry them around. There is no need of battery for installing, which has high operability.
    1. LC Fast ConnectorAs compared with conventional fiber optic connectors, the LC fast connector has advantages that it is field terminated, and can be installed quickly. With a requirement of only simple and portable assembly tools, the field installable connector can be installed with high efficiency and operability.

SM/MM Optic Fiber Fast Connector

The fast connector is also known as field assembly connector or quick assembly fiber connector. It is typically designed with pre-polished ferrule, and thus no polishing is required. As an expert in fiber optic connectors and other styles of fiber optic components, we can supply fast connectors for both single mode and multimode optical fibers.

Our range of optic fiber fast connector is made for turning cables or fibers into pigtails in the field. After building wiring being done, cables usually don't have connectors but they need to be changed into pigtail type. This type of optical fiber connector can meet the requirement of field installation. With a cable stripper, a fiber stripper and a fiber cleaver, it can be installed within one or two minutes.

Our SC fast connector comes with a pre-installed fiber. Designed with a C-shaped groove and a ceramic ferrule, it achieves high performance. LC fast connector is a through type. Its one-time assembly success rate reaches 97%. More importantly, it is very durable and requires little maintenance.