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LC Fast Connector

As a LC/PC through type suitable for 2×3mm bow type drop cable (frequently called drop cable) in FTTH, our LC fast connector features quick, convenient and stable installation.

As compared with conventional fiber optic connectors, the LC fast connector has advantages that it is field terminated, and can be installed quickly. With a requirement of only simple and portable assembly tools, the field installable connector can be installed with high efficiency and operability. As a result, the construction efficiency is greatly enhanced and meanwhile the labor cost of FTTH is reduced enormously.

Why Our LC Fast Connector?
1. Unique metal core structure makes the fast connector work stably under kinds of harsh conditions.
2. This quick-assembly fiber connector features visualized, easy and quick operation which costs less than 20 seconds on average.
3. Repeated mating can be achieved with constant performance indexes.
4. Fiber breaking caused by mis-operation can be fixed easily and quickly.
5. Low insertion loss and high return loss
6. The LC optical connector has a small volume and its overall length is less than 50mm.

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