SC Fast Connector

Coming with a pre-installed fiber, our SC fast connector is applicable for 2×3mm bow type drop cable (often called drop cable) in FTTH. This range of field installable connector features easy, quick and stable installation. The assembly tools are simple and it is convenient to carry them around. There is no need of battery for installing, which has high operability. Thus, the SC fast connector effectively assists in improving operating efficiency, which reduces labor cost of FTTH projects.

Design Advantages of the SC Fast Connector
1. Alignment in the inner bore of the ceramic ferrule - high precision alignment (patented design)

The pre-installed fiber and the inserted fiber are inserted in the inner bore (with micron class accuracy) of ceramic ferrule to ensure concentric joint of these two fibers.

2. C-shaped groove takes the palce of V-shaped groove.

As seen in the above figure, the V-shaped groove, which is often widely adopted in fast connectors on the market, causes misalignment of the fibers, thus increasing significantly signal loss.

The picture above shows the fiber optic connector with C-shaped groove, which is magnified 200 times. It can be clearly seen that the fibers connected stay aligned with each other perfectly.

3. Ceramic has low thermal coefficient of expansion - working temperature is ranging from -40 ℃ to +85 ℃
Ceramic makes the insertion loss of our SC fast connector less than 0.1 dB even when the product works in high temperature, low temperature or high low temperature cycling.

4. Ceramic has high rigidity - connection point without deformation

The connection point is inside of the inner bore of ceramic ferrule, which ensures no deformation of connection point because ceramic has higher folding strength and higher bending strength than plastic.

5. Ceramic has good property—long lifetime
Connection points are in the ceramic ferrule and C-shaped groove, which ensures long lifetime. The ceramic for our SC fast connectors has been examined by autoclaving and double 85 experiments. There is no abnormal sign or malformation on the surface of ceramic. The inner bore has high fineness and flatness and it achieves accurate alignment.

6. Easy assembly and high one-time assembly success rate
Field assembly of this fast connector is very easy. The field assembly connector comes with a fixed-length fiber cleaver. The inner bore can make the inserted fiber move through in one direction. Therefore, the fiber can be installed smoothly and high assembly success rate can be ensured.

Major Features of the SC Fast Connector
1. Traditional V-shaped groove is taken placed by C-shaped groove, which increases the reliability and lifetime of the product.
2. High lifetime, easy assembly, high reliability and high return loss
3. The quick assembly fiber connector can be assembled and disassembled for many times.
4. Super high one-time assembly success rate
5. The SC fast connector is made of special material. Fibers alignment is done in the inner bore of the ceramic ferrule and fibers are locked by the locker.

Specifications of SC Fast Connector
Parameter Specifications
Connector Type SC,FC,LC(PC or APC)
Matched Optical Cable 2*3mm bow type drop cable (often called drop cable)
Fiber Type Single mode 9/125μm ( G657A & G657B or customized)
Fiber Cladding External Diameter 250μm
Insertion Loss Mean value≤0.2dB, max.≤0.3dB (1,310nm & 1,550nm)
Return Loss PC:≥40dB; APC:≥55dB
One-time Assembly Success rate ≥97%
Repeatability of Assembly and Disassembly ≥5times
Average Assembly Time ≤20seocnds
Tension ≥30N
Lifetime ≥30years
Working Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Assembly Tools Shown in figure⑥⑦⑧
Reliability Test and Results for the SC Fast Connector
No. Test Testing Conditions On-line Testing Testing Results Eligibility Requirements Remark
1 Low Temperature Test Temperature: -40℃; Duration: 96h IL: ≤0.1dB, RL: ≤2.0dB IL: ≤0.04dB RL: ≤1.7dB IL: ≤0.3dB
RL: ≤0.5dB
No mechanical damage,
No deformation and fracture
2 Thermal
Cycle Test
Maximum Temperature: Ta= +85℃;
Minimum Temperature: Tb=-40℃;
Cycles: 21 (8h every cycle), 168h in total
RL: ≤0.1dB IL: ≤2.0dB IL: ≤0.05dB RL: ≤1.5dB IL: ≤0.3dB
RL: ≤5dB
3 Vibration Test
(sine wave)
Frequency Range: 10-50Hz,
Sweep Frequency: 45 times/min.
Amplitude: 0.75mm;
Duration: 2h in every direction
including X, Y, Z, directions
IL: ≤0.05dB RL: ≤1.3dB IL: ≤0.3dB
RL: ≤5dB
No mechanical damage,
NO obvious scratch on the surface of ferrule
4 Drop Test Height Above Ground: 1.5m,
Drop 8 times
/ IL: ≤0.06dB RL: ≤1.2dB IL: ≤0.3dB
RL: ≤5dB
No mechanical damage,
No deformation and fracture
5 High Temperature Test Temperature: +85℃,
Duration: 96h
IL:≤0.1dB RL: ≤3dB IL: ≤0.07dB RL: ≤2.5dB IL: ≤0.3dB
RL: ≤5dB
6 Humidity Test Temperature:+75℃,
Duration: 96h
IL: ≤0.1dB RL: ≤2.0dB IL: ≤0.05dB RL: ≤1.7dB IL: ≤0.3dB
RL: ≤5dB
7 Pull Test On-line Load: 20N,
Off-line Load: 30N;
Duration: 2 minutes,
Distance From Connector: 22~28cm
IL: ≤0.03Db RL: ≤0.7dB IL: ≤0.03dB RL: ≤0.7dB IL: ≤0.3dB
RL: ≤5dB
8 Twist Test Load:15N, Distance From
Connector: 22~28cm,
Rate: 10times/min.
Times: 200
/ IL: ≤0.02dB RL: ≤0.4dB IL: ≤0.3dB
RL: ≤5dB
9 Water Immersion
Water Temperature:25±2℃
(tap water),
Duration: 168h
/ IL: ≤0.09dB RL: ≤1.4dB IL: ≤0.3dB
RL: ≤5dB

SC Fast Connector Operational Guideline (FMC)
One. Preparing Tools

1. Fast connector 2. Assembly components 3. Assembly tools

Two. Assembly Procedures
1. Preparing Coated Cable

1.1 Strip the cable using cable strip kit. 1.2 Put the fiber in the cable clamp. 1.3 Strip the fiber. 1.4 Check the fiber integrity by bending the stripped end.
1.5 Clean the stripped fiber. 1.6 Cleave the fiber. 1.7 Mind the cleave length.
2. Assembling
2.1 Check the locker 2.2 Insert the cleaved fiber into the rear of the connector until the connection is made. 2.3 Lock the connector with the locker together. 2.4 Remove the wedge clip.
3. Disassembling
3.1 Install black wedge 3.2 Push black wedge 3.3 Pull out the cable
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