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Single Fiber Fusion Splicer

Single fiber fusion splicer is brand-new piece of fiber optic splicing machine. Thanks to its powerful functions and extremely low splice loss, the fusion splicer is completely suitable for fiber optic fusion splicing in network trunk and FTTx. Its lightweight, exquisite design allows for flexible application at the work site where space is limited.

New optical imaging system and purely digital design lead to more nuanced and clearer image display. The single fiber fusion splicer adopts an embedded operating system and a user friendly interface and it owns more functions. Due to the built-in, high-performance lithium battery with a super large capacity, the fiber fusion splicer can keep working in the open air for a long time. Real-time compensation systems for temperature, humidity and air pressure enable the fiber optic fusion splicer to adapt to environment changes at any time and achieve fiber splicing with low loss even in harsh conditions.

Advantages of the Single Fiber Fusion Splicer
1. This single fiber fusion splicer is a newly-designed and fully digitalized device.
2. Small size and light weight (2.7kg including battery)
3. High working efficiency, 7 seconds splicing, 30 seconds heating
4. Auto-Start feature begins heating when the heating cover closes and starts the splice process when the wind cap shuts down.
5. Simultaneous display of X axis and Y axis
6. The fusion splicing machine is able to scale up the image of fiber to 304 times the original size
7. Real-time calibration system for electricity discharging eliminates the need for parameter adjustment.
8. Durable electrode with ability of discharging for 4, 800 times
9. USB and VGA ports are available.
10. The fiber fusion splicer is built with a high-contrast 5.7 inch digital LCD monitor
11. The display screen accurately shows battery remaining capacity in real time.
12. Super large capacity lithium battery with 240 splice/heat cycles per charge
12. Designated product for China Mobile and China TeleCom

Working Principle of the Single Fiber Fusion Splicer
AV6471 single fiber fusion splicer is high-tech fiber splicing tool which combines optical technology, electronic technique, and precision machinery together. Its working principle is explained as followed. At first, the optical imaging system collects fiber images which are showed on the display screen in real time. The images are calculated to get relevant data and information through a CPU. Then, the two fibers are aligned in three dimensions by the optical fiber alignment system. Next, the discharge electrode of the fiber fusion splicer generates a high temperature electric arc to meltdown the fibers to achieve fiber splicing with low loss, low reflection, high mechanical strength and high long term reliability. At last, accurate assessment of loss is done.

High Definition Optical Image Collecting System
1. High definition double dissociation alignment instrument
2. High performance CMOS sensor
3. Sensor pixel 640×480

Lens-Profile Alignment System
1. Quick assessment of fiber end face
2. Precise fiber alignment
3. Accurate assessment of splice loss

Real-Time Calibration System for Discharging
1. High-performance discharge electrode
2. AC-DC mix discharging technique
3. Current feedback and environmental compensation

Typical Applications of the Single Fiber Fusion Splicer
As the designer of the first optical fiber splicer in China, our company has over 20 years experience in fiber splicing tools development. We know very well what high quality and high efficiency splicing requires. AV6471 type features compacting structure, easy operation and ease of carrying. With ergonomic design, the product can easily complete splicing even when the fiber is very short.

AV6471 single fiber fusion splicer can be applied for engineering construction, line maintenance and emergency repair of all optical cable lines including network trunk and production test of optical devices. It could be used in research and teaching in scientific research institutions as well.

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