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100M Card Type Fiber Media Converter

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The 100M card type fiber media converter is a Fast Ethernet converter used for data transmission between 100Base-TX twisted pair and 100Base-FX fiber optic cabling. It can be directly inserted into the housing for a desktop fiber converter or inserted into the rack for16-slot fiber media converters.

Our range of 100M card type fiber media converter allows for flexible hot swapping. Due to high bandwidth, high speed and self-adaptivity, this range of fiber optic media converter is widely used in circumstances where the transmission distance of Ethernet data communication needs to be extended.

1. Used as a stand-alone device or installed on a 16-slot fiber media converter rack chassis
2. Network Management Protocol is available.
3. Single mode media converter, multimode media converter and WDM bi-directional fiber media converter are all provided.
4. This pluggable optical transceiver is compliant with IEEE802.3 10Base-T and IEEE802.3u 100Base-TX/FX standards
5. Auto negotiation for half/full duplex working modes
6. Auto negotiation for 10/100M data rate
7. Automatic switchover between half/full duplex modes
8. MM50/125um or MM62.5/125um optical fiber has transmission distance more than 2km and SM9/125um optical fiber transmission distance is ranging from 20 to 80km.
9. High-quality LED indicators
10. Managed and unmanaged types fiber media converter are both available.

1. The fiber media converter is suitable for circumstances in need of network expansion
2. Broadband metropolitan area network
3. Telecommunication network, CATV and other data network operator
4. Finance, government, petroleum, electricity, railways, public security, transportation and education industries
5. Multimedia transmission and integrated transmission of images, voices and data
6. Distance education, video conferencing, video telephone
7. Security and protection systems

Specifications of the 100M Card Type Dual Fiber Media Converter
Item Specifications
Industry Standards IEEE802.3
10/100 Base-TX
100 Base-FX
Data Rate 10M/100M adaptive
Transmission Mode Full duplex or half-duplex (adaptive)
Conversion Mode Media conversion, storage transmission, direct transmission
Port Electrical interface: RJ-45 Optical interface connector: SC/ST/FC
Twisted Pair Five kinds (max. transmission distance: 100m)
Fiber Type 8. 3/125, 8. 7/125, 9/125, 10/125μm ( transmission distance: 20 -120km)
50/125, 62. 5/125μm ( transmission distance: 2~5km)
Wavelength Multimode: 850nm Single mode: 1,310/1,550nm
MAC Address 1K
Buffer Space 288KB
Packet Length Storage transmission:2,046 Bytes, direct transmission: infinite
Time Delay 9.6us
Error Rate <1/1000000000
MTBF 80,000hours
Power Supply AC100~250V
Power Assumption <2.5W
Working Temperature 0~50 Celsius degree
Storage Temperature -20~70 Celsius degree
Humidity 5%~90% (no condensation)
Dimension(L*W*H) 115*77*26mm(without enclosure)
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